Guangzhou Alighting IoT & Technology Co.,Ltd (Stock Name:Alighting IoT)

World renowned integrated lighting industry service provider, newly public listed enterprise (stock code 872907), Guangzhou Alighting IoT & Technology Co.,Ltd is acknowledged as one of the most influential service platforms of lighting industry in China and the world, with over 12,000 global manufacturers and trade enterprises served, and winning honors of National High-tech Enterprise in China, first batch of experimental units of e-commence in industrial informatization in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou science and technology innovation small giant enterprise, Guangzhou e-commerce demonstration enterprise.

Attributed to the resources of world's largest lighting exhibition - Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, it has established various multi-dimension service industries, comprising industry media, Alighting Design, Supply Chain e-commerce platform, foreign trading platform, lighting exhibition exchange center, lighting industry incubation center, lighting research center, lighting designer platform, Alighting Awards, Alighting Museum, Alighting forum, Alighting Academy, Alighting data center, other platforms and resources.