Exhibitors and visitors comments

What exhibitors said

¡°It is our first time to exhibit in lighting fair. The Chinese lighting market potential is so huge and we need to promote our brand here. Lighting fair enjoys wide international reputation and is renowned for good organisation. Result is quite good. Many visitors came to learn about our products and were interested in the information of our headquarter in Japan. We will definitely come back next year.¡±

Mr Takuya Fukushiro, Director/General Manager, Nichia Chemical Hong Kong Limited (Japan)

¡°Truly it is the second largest lighting fair in the world, in terms of size, market access and brand names showing up. We need more brand building and surely this fair helped us to make a big step forward.¡±

Mr Bernd Kammerer, General Manager, Sales and Marketing Business Group, Everlight Electronics Co Ltd (Taiwan)

¡°In order to expand market share in China, it is important to work closely with designers and we are very glad that many designers visited our booth and showed interest in our products. The Chinese LED market is growing and expanding so fast that we are taking it as one of the most important markets in the world.¡±

Mr Kazuaki Makita, Chief Specialist, Strategic Business Promotion Office,
New Lighting Systems Division,Toshiba Corporation Principal Office (Japan)

¡°We are an outdoor lighting manufacturer and we have had lots of enquiries, especially from overseas visitors. The reason why we exhibit the show for so long is that the fair helps us to maintain our relationship with old customers as a social network as well as promoting our company to source new buyers.¡±

Mr Chen Jin Da, Sales Manager, Ningbo Aishi Electric Equipment Co Ltd (China)

¡°The result is good and visitor flow is high. Our members are happy with the show. We plan to organise an even bigger Pavilion next year to build up an overall image of Taiwan manufacturers.¡±

Mr David Chang, Chairman, Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (Taiwan)

What visitors said

¡°I have visited this fair many times. As an industrial player, I need to know, understand and feel the industry and market. The show is a comprehensive and all-round fair. I can learn about industrial development and trend here.¡±

Mr Xu Shenshu, General Manager, Cheery Sun Electrical Appliance Co Ltd (China)

¡°I have visited the show every year since 2007. Not only does it grow bigger and more comprehensive, but it is also going on the right track towards the world trend of lighting exhibition.¡±

Mr Remo A. Lardelli, CEO / Chairman, Firalux Design AG (Switzerland)

¡°I am very impressed by the fair size and the number of local and overseas exhibitors. I am able to source what I want in the show and I will visit again next year.¡±

Mr Roy Paul Weidauer, General Manager, United Team International GmbH (Germany)

¡°China is a big market and we would like to extend our business into this important market. The scale of the show was very large with all the big brands present so it gave me a good opportunity to learn a lot. I collected market information and input on how to improve our technology and upgrade our products.¡±

Mr Lee Tae Jong, President / Director, AoneMecha Co Ltd (Korea)

¡°Our country has a small population but the market is good because there is a lot of construction going on so this show is very useful for me.¡±

Mr Esteban Pérez, General Manager, Electropar (Paraguay)