Exhibit Profile

In the fast growing LED/OLED market, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition with its specialized LED/OLED halls is the quality marketing platform in the region which offers huge business opportunities.

Five Theme Zones

LED/OLED raw material and components
LED/OLED driver and power supply
LED/OLED package/modules
LED/OLED manufacturing and processing equipment
LED/OLED applications

Exhibit Profile

·Substrate, lead frame, phosphor, epi wafer, LED encapsulation material, chips, etc
·Driver IC, PCBS, heat sink, dimmers, transformer, etc
·Lamp, dot matrix, cluster, SMD, etc
·Unit assembly equipment, mounted devices, clean-related equipment, inspection / measurement / test /
·evaluation equipment, etc
architectural, commercial/industrial, retail display, residential, landscape, safety/security, traffic infrastructure lighting, stage lighting, light source and light control and systems, etc
·DisplaysLED/OLED display panels and LED/LCD televisions, etc
·BacklightHandset, MP3, DVD, LCD, computer, etc
·Signs and signalssignage light box, traffic signal, etc
·AutomobileHeadlights, signal lights, brake lights, etc
·OthersBio & medical and agricultural use, etc

Target Audience

  • Manufacturers
  • ·Automobile
  • ·Lighting devices and fixtures
  • ·Lighting system and products
  • ·Flat display panel
  • ·Backlight
  • Industry related
  • ·Architect
  • ·Designer
  • ·Planner / Engineer
  • ·Property developer
  • ·Housing / Property management
  • ·Building contractor
  • ·Energy supplier
  • Trade related
  • ·Importer
  • ·Exporter
  • ·Wholesaler / Distributor
  • ·Lighting system and products
  • ·Retailer
  • ·Chain store
  • ·Department store
  • ·Buying office
  • ·e-Tailer
  • ·Industry end-user (e.g. hotel, performing arts venue,
  • ·shopping mail, restaurant, etc)
  • ·Association / Media
  • Authorities
  • ·Construction / Planning
  • ·Procurement