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User Guide for Lightstrade.com

Source and Negotiate

Buyer can search for products or Supplier on Lightstrade.com. Once Buyer has selected a Supplier, Buyer should negotiate the key terms about Purchase Order, and reach agreement with Supplier, in cludingthe terms of price, deposit and balance payment , shipment, and the settlement(including the first and last payment release) etc. Buyer and Supplier can talk directly online with message tool on Lightstrade.com.


After Buyer places order online (draft order), Supplier will see it on Supplier account, and Supplier will need to draft formal e-Contract as per all agreement with Buyer. This formal e-Contract is deemed as basic formal evidence for the transaction.

After Supplier submits e-Contract online, Buyer will see it in Buyer center. Buyer then will confirm the e-Contact online.

Buyer and Supplier are deemed to formally agree to employ eTradePay.com for transaction settlement once Buyer and Supplier confirm the e-Contract on Lightstrade.com, that is, Supplier assigns eTradePay.com to collect Buyer’s payment in accordance with e-Contract, and that Buyer makes Payment to Supplier’s bank account designated by eTradePay.com.


Buyer makes payment online(deposit or full payment) to Supplier’s Bank Account nominated by eTradepay.com.

Buyer can make paymentsvia 3 channels :

>Bank Transfer: If Buyer chooses to make payment by Bank Transfer, Suppliers' beneficiary bank account designated will be shown in your Order Info in Buyer Center, and Buyer needs to take this bank account info to local banks and wire to this designated account. Also, if Buyer has set up online banking service, Buyer can wire at online banking website. 
> Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard;
> Third party payment tool: BitPesa (only for payments from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana). 

Please be noted: Buyer is required to pay deposit or full amount according to the agreement in the e-Contract. Once deposit or full amount is received, Supplier should begin to prepare the cargo, and inform Buyer of the order status. Supplier should deliver cargo to Logistic Company after getting Buyer’s full payment of the order. Lightstrade.com strictly requires that Supplier MUST get FULL payment before any shipment, otherwise the risk is 100% on Supplier.

Remarks: Buyer shall bear the bank charges and service charges of each payment service provider.


Supplier can then choose 3 ways to effect the shipment :

> Express
> Air Freight
> Sea Freight ( both LCL and FCL )

All the documents required by the Customs clearance in China ( as per the e-Contract) will be generated automatically by transaction system , and available in Supplier Center.

Lightstrade.com cross-checks the data from Packing List (provided by Supplier) and that from Cargo Receipt (provided by Logistic Company). The transaction shall be implemented in the event that the data in Packing List is equivalent to that in the Cargo Receipt.

(In the caseof any discrepancy between the data in Packing List and those in Cargo Receipt, Supplier shall re-confirm with Buyer and amend related documents accordingly.)

As value-added service, Buyer can designate Lightstrade.com to inspect the number of pieces of a certain percentage of the whole cargo.


Buyer and Supplier can negotiate the terms of payment and settlement through e-Contract:

1. The percentage and time for Buyer to make Deposit and Balance Payment to Supplieraccount in eTradePay.com.

2. The percentage for settlement (First Payment Release and Last Payment Release to Supplierby eTradePay.com) based on e-Contract.

3. Rules for Settlement(Payment Release)

   3.1 First Payment Release: In the case that shipment passes China Customs, eTradePay.com will instruct the bank to make First Payment Release to Supplier.

   3.2 Last Payment Release:

      3.2.1 In the case that courier service is employed, eTradePay.com will instruct the bank to make Last Payment Release to Supplier on the 5th Calendar Day since Cargo Receipt is signed by Buyer at destination.

      3.2.2 In the case that sea or air freight is employed, eTradePay.com will instruct the bank to make Last Payment Release to Supplier on the 10th Calendar Day since Delivery Order is issued by the Forwarder/Logistic Company to Buyer at destination.

4. Once Last Payment is released to Supplier, it is deemed that both parties have completed the implementation of the transaction in line with e-Contract, which means Buyer agrees to give up the right for dispute, refund or chargeback.

5. eTradePay.com is only in the position to instruct the bank to release payment to Supplier.

Trade Visibility Solution

Buyers are able to track and know the order status in Buyer Center, such as: Waiting for supplier to draft contract; Waiting for payment, Waiting supplier to ship, Shipment Released by China Customs, etc.

Buyers are also able to find Cargo Receipt, and shipped onboard B/L issued by by forwarder or logistic company at loading port in Buyer Center.

All documents required by the Customs of destination country, such as packing list, commercial invoice, etc, can be viewable and generated downloaded in Buyer Center.

Please feel free to contact us: buyer@lightstrade.com