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About alighting award

Mission Leads to Future

In 2018, the Alighting Award has received 1,203 proposals, with an increase of 17% compared with that of last year. From this year, the Alighting Award will embark a new stage of development, as a new definition of the Alighting Award we give.

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. Since the foundation of Alighting Award, it has always been bearing the mission to highlight the core value of innovation, which is the driving force of development. During the past six years, the achievements of Alighting Award are omnidirectional and pioneering; during the six years, with great innovation courage and strong responsibility, we have launched a series of new concepts, new ideas and new modes of evaluation methodology, combining the development trend of the global lighting industry, a series of practical policies are introduced in assisting an excellent interaction and projects landing among manufacturing enterprises, engineering design companies and owners. We believe all these measures will have significant and far-reaching impact on the development of lighting industry in China and even the world.

Never forget why you started and your mission can be accomplished. After six years of efforts, Alighting Award develops with a novel and powerful vitality, whose international influence, inspiring and molding power are increasing to make significant contributions to the development of lighting industry in China and even the world.

This year is a vital link between the past and the future. Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate and in such an era of intelligent city, lighting will carry more spiritual and ideological connotation. In this regard, we are starting to think of constructing a more scientific, more objective and more impartial selection method, as well as a more flexible and practical interaction mechanism, to match the development of the global lighting industry with appropriate talents, to define the industrial future directions in product and technology and to contribute the global lighting industry with China’s wisdom and solutions.